Alan’s own shows

Fully Committied!

Written by and starring Alan Committie Directed by Christopher Weare FULLY COMMITTIED! is a spanking new comedy show packed full of Alan Committie's special brand of madness and comic hilarity! In this show he talks about dog training and year-end parties (one might say they're the same thing!); antique roadshows, Captain Kirk’s logbooks, A do-it-yourself... Read more »

Stressed for Success

Alan Committie is back at Kalk Bay! Two years ago, Alan brought you ONE MAN, ONE REMOTE and now he returns with a follow up to his hit stand up revue STRESSED TO KILL. In this his 8th one man show, Committie continues to explore all those strange quirky issues that create stress in our... Read more »

Bigger! Better!! Faster!!!

Written and performed by Alan Committie Directed by Christopher Weare In June 2008 Alan Committie tested a show called STRESSED FOR SUCCESS at the Kalk Bay theatre for 4 weeks. Well, that show has now grown up into a full two hour comedy extravaganza! It's been developed, re-structured and re-named. It has also travelled to... Read more »

Richard III, the untold story

In the late 1500's Shakespeare penned the Tragedy of Richard the Third. In this play the Bard told the story of the rise and fall of one of England's most notorious monarchs - The Hunchback King! And now, 300 years later, the text is revisited through the eyes of incompetent performer extraordinaire IVAN WILLIAMS... Read more »

Stressed to Kill

Formerly Return to Send Up In this show, Alan takes a skewed look at life in the modern world. How do we cope with and without cell phones, computers, email, golf, movies, television and estate agents! Following the national success of his last two shows, Titanic on Ice and TV or not TV , this... Read more »

One Man One Remote

It's official! Television is 30 years old in South Africa! To celebrate this, Alan Committie returns to the Kalk Bay theatre where he presents the continuation of TV or not TV... In this brand new stand-up comedy show Committie explores the huge variety of choice that is available to us on the 'giggle-box'. He covers... Read more »

TV or not TV

Do you miss Knight Rider? Fondly recall MacGyver? Wonder whatever happened to the test pattern? Or are you simply wanting a good night out with lots of laughs? The hilarious one-man comedy TV OR NOT TV - written by and starring Alan Committie - is a follow up to Alan's last show Titanic on Ice... Read more »

Titanic on Ice

Alan Committie's comic take on the world of movies! Just when you thought it was safe to lose yourself in a celluloid fantasy or two, along comes Committie to turn all of that around... In this 70 minute show you will see the recreation of the sinking of the TITANIC performed by one man and... Read more »

Formerly University of Cape Town (F.U.C.T.)

Alan Committie Is Formerly University of Cape Town! Alan returned to his Alma Mater for a ONE OFF PERFORMANCE ONLY with his madcap brand of Stand up comedy, characters and sketches! Alan shared with us why life in 2006 makes him feel a little STRESSED TO KILL!!! There was also a special appearance by the inimitable part-time security official... Read more »

Once upon a Laugh

Alan Committie and Robyn Scott as BENNY and BERNICE celebrating 20 years as entertainers in ONCE UPON A LAUGH! Bernice and Benny are household names from the entertainment industry. Unfortunately that household happens to be their own home in Plumstead, Cape Town. And now, here they are, at the Baxter Sanlam Studio ready to celebrate... Read more »

Dracula - Unclotted

In the vein of a spoof-mock-horror-physical-gore-fest-bloody-marvellous show, Alan Committie and Geatan Schmid team up and bring you the epic that is Dracula - my story! This deadly duo have produced a dynamic, hi-energy clown show in which they retell Bram Stoker's tale of Harker, Mina, von Helsing and the battle against the evil that is... Read more »

The Clown Jewels Part 1

In this brand new show Committie returns with a side-splittingly funny show which explores the wacky, hi-energy world of Slapstick and pratfalls... Paying tribute to the all time great physical comedians like Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Lee Evans, Peter Sellers, John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson, the show highlights famous and not so well... Read more »

The Clown Jewels Part 1

The Clown Jewels II - with the financial help from The National Arts Council - promises more of the same wild and hysterical antics seen in the original show... Alan Committie continues to pay homage to visual and physical comedians from the 20th Century and does so through a series of sketches, monologues and routines... Read more »

No, Seriously?

It’s the beginning of 2013 and madcap comedian Alan Committie returns to Montecasino in a BRAND NEW hilarious One Man comedy tour de force! It’s the ideal way start your year on a laugh! Alan describes the show as follows: "My new show will be jam packed with stand up comedy",  the return of some... Read more »

Happily Ever Laughter

Alan Committie is back at Theatre on the Bay in his brand-new, hilariously happy stand-up comedy show Happily Ever Laughter!! In this side-splitting new comedy revue, award-winning mirthful madman, Alan Committie, returns to his one-man roots and explores everything from Royal Weddings to Osama Bin Laden and all that’s in-between, including a “do-it-yourself corrupt government... Read more »