Bigger! Better!! Faster!!!

3 January 2011 all-day
Bigger! Better!! Faster!!!

Written and performed by Alan Committie
Directed by Christopher Weare

In June 2008 Alan Committie tested a show called STRESSED FOR SUCCESS at the Kalk Bay theatre for 4 weeks. Well, that show has now grown up into a full two hour comedy extravaganza! It’s been developed, re-structured and re-named. It has also travelled to Joburg and back. And now Alan Committie is bringing it to The Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay, Cape Town. That’s right, BIGGER! BETTER!! FASTER!! (Alan’s 11th one man show) is finally here!

In BBF, Committie continues to explore all those strange quirky issues that create stress in our lives… He looks at the pressures of business (especially if you are a hairdresser that is too honest), the wild ramblings of the over-motivated motivational speaker, tiny hotels and smaller bathrooms, super-size-ultra-hip-mega-hyper- shopping and why every movie is a remake and a re-imagining!!

In Bigger! Better!! Faster!!!! Alan also takes a look at Self-help books, Olympic disappointments and our desperate need to dumb down an already dumbed-down education!

And lets not forget the inimitable security guard – Johan van der Walt – who is on hand to wax lyrical about his one true love and how to be successfully flirty without being dirty! And, in the process, we also find out why Ruda Landman really left Carte Blanche….

Last year, Alan Committee was stressed to kill and now he is stressed for success in Bigger! Better!! Faster!!!…so book now to avoid disappointment…

The show is directed by Christopher Weare and runs at Theatre on the Bay from July the 7th to the 1st of August!


Nena Louw, Deloitte & Touche
“Thank you so much for last night’s show. It was the funniest show I have ever seen!”

Xenia de Vries, twitter
“ Bigger, Better, Faster was hysterical! Alan Committie is the king of wee-wee’s”

Heather Jones, twitter
“Alan Committie is the best thing since sliced bread!”

Peter Feldman, Artslink
“ Watching Alan Committie’s one man comic onslaught is always a tonic because he continually injects something fresh into old subjects…and the beauty of Committie’s performance is that his improvisational skills are so finely honed that he can work with new people in the audience every night and make them an integral part of the show…”

David Batzofin, Sunday independent
“Here, he is part stand-up comedian, part motivational speaker and majority superb entertainer”

Zingi Mkefa, The Sunday Times
“A well prepared, considered, slick stand-up comedy show, that is , at the same time, ready and willing to go on unexpected tangents…”

Paul Boekkooi, Rapport
“Die vertooning hou elke orgaan wat met lag te doen het, fiks! ”

Bruce Denhill, The Citizen
“Committie constantly gets laughs out of his audience because of the combination of his delivery, both verbal and physical, and his processing speed which is amongst the best of any comedian in the country…Perhaps the best recommendation for the show is that you’ll emerge from the theatre with sore cheeks, having overused muscles that you aren’t used to engaging…”