Defending the Caveman

2 October 2009 – 17 October 2009 all-day
Theatre on the Bay
Cape Town
South Africa
Defending the Caveman @ Theatre on the Bay | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa

It is now in its 12th year in South Africa and I have just performed my 300th show.

Rob Becker’s hilarious – and informative – comedy about the differences between the sexes continues it’s phenomenal run with Alan Committie, who energetically and with great aplomb, defends the sometimes primitive behaviour of the modern-day Caveman.

Alan Committie is back in the record-breaking “date show” that explains why men never ask for directions and why women need more cupboard space! The critics loved Alan’s last season and audiences took the new Caveman to heart, resulting in another slam-dunk, sold out season.
So BE WARNED – book now or risk having to explain to your other half that you’ve missed the show again!


Deborah Graham, The Citizen
“There is a new ‘Defender’ of the Caveman in town and he is delightfully hilarious. Committie brings not only a fresh almost boyish face to this one man role, but he has also modernised it to be in touch with what’s happening today…. there are some hilarious changes to the monologue. Committie certainly connected with the audience, as was evident from the roars of continuous raucous laughter, from both cavemen and -women. The result is a hilarious theatre experience of laughter and entertainment as the caveman tackles the eternal, baffling and seemingly unfathomable differences between men and women…”

Peter Feldman,
“The clever thing about this new version is that the production has been updated to a degree and is also snugly moulded around the vibrant and distinctive personality of Committie, whose constant engagement with his audience is a joy to watch. Committie is a past master in the art of the one-man show and once more demonstrates his consumate skills in manipulating his audience.”

Christina Kennedy, Sunday Times Metro
“Judging by the sold out shows he’s playing at the theatre and the thunderous laughter, Committee has hit the prehistoric nail on the head.”

Peter van der Merwe, The Star Tonight
“This sure beats couples therapy! This is better than any relationship councelling. Take your partner. Laugh until you cry!”