No, Seriously?

13 February 2013 – 3 March 2013 all-day
Montecasino Boulevard
Sandton 2191
South Africa

Alan Committie TOTB Poster Final3It’s the beginning of 2013 and madcap comedian Alan Committie returns to Montecasino in a BRAND NEW hilarious One Man comedy tour de force! It’s the ideal way start your year on a laugh!

Alan describes the show as follows:

“My new show will be jam packed with stand up comedy”,  the return of some much loved characters like Johan van der Walt and Trevor Tahor (The medium at large),  mini-movies, “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions you never got to see on TV and loads more!

Amongst a whole host of topics, I will be talking about RED TOUR BUS frustrations, I also chat about how we have filters and apps for everything, why 50 Shades of Grey can save South African education, why I miss SABC quality television, a brisk lecture on South African politics and why America should really be voted off the world-island!

In our modern world we are so “connected” through social media that in fact, we hardly connect with humans at all. Well, in NO SERIOUSLY, we will offer the audience the once in a lifetime opportunity to ask Alan any questions they want in the segment titled: ASK ALAN ANY QUESTIONS THAT YOU WANT! I am not sure that I will answer them accurately or indeed, with any truth whatsoever but I can assure you that I will use words in my reply!!

If you don’t laugh till you cry; cry till you laugh or – at the very least – make strange gurgling noises that could be akin to laughter or maybe a terrible nervous breakdown – then I will guarantee your money back after the show! **

But if you need only one good reason to come and watch this show then it’s to share in a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch Alan recreate the the thrills, excitement and raw passion in his DO IT YOURSELF DIRTY DANCING lecture!

**THIS IS A BLATENT LIE!! Any attempt to ask for a refund will probably end in an acrimonious court case, stretched out over many years and ending in tears for all parties concerned. So, the best solution is simply to laugh at the appropriate places and – occasionally – in inappropriate places!!

The show is once again directed by Christopher Weare and has an age restriction of 13 up. Tickets can be booked through Montecasino or at Computicket.