Noises Off

5 January 2011 all-day
Noises Off

Ready for an evening of hilarious proportions. Well you’ve got it: Alan Committie and Pieter Toerien Productions (with the assistance of the National Arts Council) are proud to bring you Michael Frayn’s hysterical farce:

NOISES OFF, Directed by Christopher Weare

With a wonderful cast of nine, brilliant staging and an incredible text this should be the comedy of the year…

“Doors and Sardines. Getting on – getting off. Getting the sardines on- getting the sardines off. That’s farce. That’s the theatre. That’s life. ”
Lloyd, The Director

Noises Off is a comedy about a farce, called Nothing On, which is in the final stages of rehearsal by a touring theatre company. The dynamics and relationships between the cast members, the director and the production crew ensure that backstage events increasingly come to resemble the scripted action of Nothing On.

The Act One dress rehearsal demonstrates the tenuous fragility of the ordered precision on which farce depends. Lines are forgotten, entrances missed, doors will not close and open at crucial moments and the incompetence of the actors becomes hilarious.

In Act Two, when the perspective is reversed, showing the set from behind, the humour comes from mistaken motives and a series of emotional crises that afflict the actors in the wings.

The Final act is a swift and terrible demise of the play into an extremely funny mess. Noises Off outdoes Nothing On in every way.


Christina Kennedy, The Citizen
“A Bellyful of laughs… a play that’ll make you laugh until you cry. It’s a riotous riot that’ll split your sides, convulse your diaphragm and tickle your funny bone into submission…”

Zingi Mkefa, Sunday Times Metro
“A Side-splitting farce…and did I mention how funny it is? One never stops laughing…”

Janine Walker, The Star
“Noises Off provides bawdy bedlam and is a must-see…the pace is so fast it could take the yellow jersey from Lance Armstrong…”

Danie Botha, Die Burger
“Committie se komiese tydsberekening is in die kol…”

Lieske Bester, The Argus
“Farce is at its funniest when the actors play it for real, and Chris Weare and his cast pull it off with a flourish… Alan Committie bounces around with the power of a well known make of battery and renders the definitive meaning of a stage fall. Individually and together, this is a dazzling troupe, impeccably directed in an hilarious play. Whether or not you have seen it before do not miss this production!”

Raffiek Mammon, Cape Times
“This Noises Off is exceptional, accessible theatrical badinage”