Not the Midnight Mass

5 December 2008 all-day
Theatre on the Bay

Poster 1(Greek Accent): ” No tits, no arse – it’ll never work. Just a bunch of people singing around a microphone and telling silly jokes… But Ok , you want to make fools of yourselves, I’ll give you the midnight slot for the next two weeks!.” (George Milaris, owner of Black Sun – Joburg 1988)

Twenty years later after numerous tours both locally and internationally, after appearing to more than 400 000 people in various cities and towns and on TV and radio, after 5 CD’s and many more stage shows they are back! NOT THE MIDNIGHT MASS are back in Cape Town and they are about to turn 21 years old!

The wildy wacky, hugely entertaining and beautifully sounding a capella group NOT THE MIDNIGHT MASS return for a celebration of their coming of age… With Graham and Christine Weir (founders of NTMM) and with three more wonderfully talented actor /singers, the NTTM find themselves at the Theatre on the Bay to usher out 2008 and bring in 2009!

For those who have never seen this madcap group of performers you can expect lots of wonderful covers of well know songs including their hit version of Wuthering Heights, Goergia and the Hallelujah chorus and some original works too. All of this is tempered with that very special crazy humour that has characterized the Mass for so many years.

The show is directed by award winning comedian Alan Committie and stars

Graham Weir (Tales of Hangings and Redemptions, Noah)
Christine Weir (Honk!)
Amanda Tiffen (Musical director)
Jason Ralph (award winning actor from Entrances and Exits and In Briefs)
Pierre Van Heerden (Mr Cellophane from Chicago and Pumba from The Lion King)

It’s a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season – so bring your family and friends and be enthralled by NOT the Midnight Mass!


Jhb Star – Tonight
“A national treasure”

Saturday Star
“A national phenomenon with mass appeal”