Once upon a Laugh

13 January 2011 all-day
Baxter Sanlam Studio
Once upon a Laugh @ Baxter Sanlam Studio

Alan Committie and Robyn Scott as BENNY and BERNICE celebrating 20 years as entertainers in ONCE UPON A LAUGH!

Bernice and Benny are household names from the entertainment industry. Unfortunately that household happens to be their own home in Plumstead, Cape Town. And now, here they are, at the Baxter Sanlam Studio ready to celebrate 20 years in show business … even though it’s more a case of no business for the last 15…

In a brand new show written for the holiday season, Alan Committie teams up with Robyn Scott as they bring to life the hysterical and outrageous celebrity lives of Bernice and Benny: actors, singers, raconteurs, gymnasts, puppeteers, writers – they are indeed all-round family entertainers. Voted the 17th most popular celebrity couple in March 1983 (Number 16 was Karieke Keusenkamp and Bennie Boekwurm), this theatrical couple have serious delusions of mediocrity!

Festive cheer and magical memories were on order for this show… but, sadly, someone forgot to pay the delivery man!


Raffiek Mammom, Cape Times
“Not only does Committie manage to create new works as often as he does but he also manages to concoct shows of distinction. Once upon a Laugh is one of his best yet. This precious gem of a show once again shows his dexterity as a prolific writer of comedy and as a deft comedic performer. Along with Robyn Scott they tackle all forms of theatre – from physical to melodrama – they had the audience in stitches. They make delicious magic on stage!”

Marenet Jordaan, Die Burger
“Committie en Scott is ‘n gedugte span… die gehoor was die meeste van die tyd egter aan die skaterlag…”

Peter Tromp, Cape Argus
“Alan Committie is fast becoming one of our best comedic exports. With Once upon a Laugh, he has surpassed himself. The show is a venerable cocktail of lowbrow and even highbrow excess… his comedic and performance powers are also at their peak here… Committie, to his credit, has resisted the straightforward laughs, and has gone instead for something a lot more complex where the humour has a stinging quality to it. As such, despite it being probably Committie’s funniest and wildest show, it is also his most successful. This is real theatre, replete with girt and texture, not just a barrel of laughs. It is a rare holiday treat: a show that entertains as wildly as it stimulates thought!”