Richard III, the untold story

4 January 2011 all-day
Richard III, the untold story

In the late 1500′s Shakespeare penned the Tragedy of Richard the Third. In this play the Bard told the story of the rise and fall of one of England’s most notorious monarchs – The Hunchback King!

And now, 300 years later, the text is revisited through the eyes of incompetent performer extraordinaire IVAN WILLIAMS – bumbling and stumbling his way through the performance as only he knows how…
This one hour and fifteen minute show sees Alan Committie play 37 different characters and attempt to recreate the whole of Shakespeare’s powerful text in the guise of the hugely enthusiastic but sadly misguided Ivan Williams…

Due to unforeseen circumstances Ivan is unable to gather his full acting company and is compelled to perform all the characters of this great play by himself. It’s fast, furious and funny and (for no extra cost) you’ll discover why this obsessive character has dedicated this show to the memory of Lady Diana.