Stressed to Kill

7 January 2011 all-day
Stressed to Kill

Formerly Return to Send Up

In this show, Alan takes a skewed look at life in the modern world. How do we cope with and without cell phones, computers, email, golf, movies, television and estate agents!

Following the national success of his last two shows, Titanic on Ice and TV or not TV , this veritable one man committee of comedy returns with some brand new stand-up, sketches and characters including an interesting look at why opera, ballet and contemporary dance are so meaningful that nobody is able to understand it!
And yet there is always space for old favourites so watch out for the return of Johan van der Walt (most recently seen on the TV series Laugh out Loud) who brings his own brand of genius to the show. (‘Cell phones allow men to brag about who has got the smallest’ or ‘Cell phones! Hah! If only they would!’)
Return to Send-up is directed by Christopher Weare.


Nadia Gardner, The Citizen
“Refreshingly original subject matter… Committie plays all the roles in the show to comedic near-perfection. Johan van der Walt is also highly entertaining. This is a very funny show…”

Peter van der Merwe, Star Tonight
“If anyone has their finger on South Africa’s funnybone, it is this man. He tweaks everyday situations into little cameos that have the audience practically crying with laughter. Top rated entertainment, and one of the funniest shows around.”

Fiona Chisholm, Cape Argus
“A rollicking evening of therapeutic laughter awaits you…he entertains you with a 90-minute rapid-fire, highly energetic performance…the material is sharp, witty and pertinent…”

Bianca Coleman, Cape Times
“This hilarious one man show is just the tonic for the festive season…Committie doesn’t need much except his natural talents as a comic and a superb ability to keep things flowing…Return to Send-up is a rollicking, rip-roaring, thigh-slapping, screeching with laughter comedy show that just keeps on coming, relentlessly! The man is comedy on two legs…do yourself a favour and see this show”

Arnold Vermaak, Die Burger
“Ek het nog nooit ‘n vertoning soos Committie s’n teegekom nie. Sy humor is oorsprongklik … en met die afskeid, na staande applous, het die verkeer die teater verlaat…doen jouself ‘n guns en maak ‘n draai by die teater”

Christina Kennedy, Sunday Times Metro
“Screamingly funny! It will make you shriek, gasp and convulse with laughter. One of the most talented and switched-on funnymen around uses his theatrical background to produce a show that combines a witty script with improvised quips and stand-up. It had me in paroxysms of uncontrollable laughter, tears rolling down my cheek…”

Peter Feldman, Artslink
“Committie is a master comedian whose strengths lie in his spontaneous, quick-witted improvisational skills. The results are achingly funny. He’s witty, topical and always entertaining.”