The Clown Jewels Part 1

14 January 2011 all-day
The Clown Jewels Part 1

In this brand new show Committie returns with a side-splittingly funny show which explores the wacky, hi-energy world of Slapstick and pratfalls…

Paying tribute to the all time great physical comedians like Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Lee Evans, Peter Sellers, John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson, the show highlights famous and not so well known sketches, monologues and routines in the field of visual comedy.

Alan also introduces new material written and performed by himself in rapid pace stand-up delivery style! So enjoy an `intellectual trip` through the ups and downs of physical comedy…. and remember if you’ve seen some of these sketches before you might enjoy seeing them again. And if you haven’t seen them before you might enjoy seeing them again… next time!


Owen Williams, The Argus
” always an intelligent and vital performer, does true-to-life imitations…his range is extremely wide..the highlight of the evening was the patter song of 100 visual comedians…ably abetted by Shirley Kischmann who achieves – in all her many guises – a certain individuality. A slickly produced show – and a tour de force of robust physicality…”
” Committie bounces effortlessly between a plethora of well-known comic characters and skits, as well as his original material, ad-libbing and making fun of audience members along the way. Make sure your ears are alert – you don’t want to miss any of the low-flying comments or brilliant one-liners …this show will have you clutching your sides with hysteria…”

Francois Smit, Die Burger
” sy eie skeppings is die snaakste…su satire oor kontemporere dans is brandlekker in die kol…”

World Online
” Committie shines as an ad-libber…innate comedy timing and flair…he is genuinely funny!! “