TV or not TV

10 January 2011 all-day
TV or not TV

Do you miss Knight Rider? Fondly recall MacGyver? Wonder whatever happened to the test pattern? Or are you simply wanting a good night out with lots of laughs? The hilarious one-man comedy TV OR NOT TV – written by and starring Alan Committie – is a follow up to Alan’s last show Titanic on Ice (which was an exploration of film). In this latest comic escapade Alan takes a closer look at the world of Television…

What is it about the the little square box that captivates us so completely? Why do we go out of our way to make time in the day to pay our respects at the altar of MEDIA-OCRITY?

Through a series of sketches, comic monologues and zany characters Alan will uncover the truth behind some 80′s classics like CHIPS, Night Rider, The A-team and Star Trek. He also looks at the TEST PATTERN, Topsport, Kompas, the news, late night porn, reality programmes and soap operas.

Channel surfing will never be the same again!


Peter van der Merwe, Star Tonight
“While this is a one-man show, it is far more than stand-up comedy. Committie’s material is not only fresh and funny, it’s also substantial and satisfying. The pace rarely flags for a full 90 minutes. The man is a master of improvisation, as his repeated interactions with the audience show… This is more real than EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND and funnier than FRASIER. I haven’t laughed so much for months…”

Barbara Jensen Vorster, Die Beeld
“Met die vertoning bewys Committie weer dat he een van die beter akteurs in die solo-komedie-genre is. Die solovertoning het ‘n vinnige pas en Committie se tydsberekening en vermoe om te improviseer maak van dit ‘n genotvolle teaterervaring.”

Christina Kennedy, The Citizen
“During the course of the evening you find yourself not merely giggling, oh no. And you’re not chuckling demurely, either. The sounds that are emited from your mouth are more akin to guffaws, gasps and splutters of laughter. For over an hour, Committie has the audience glued to his show… its all utterly daft fun and a mammoth laugh!”

Raffiek Mammom, Cape Argus
“a side-splitting journey through the programmes we all loved to hate… Committie is well on top of his game with this show. It is one of the smartest I have seen him do… he had the audience screaming with raucous laughter. His sharpness knows no bounds and once he has established that initial rapport there is no stopping him…constantly brings us fresh material… this is definitely Fun with a capital F.”

Peter Tromp, Cape Times
“Alan Committie once again tirelessly delivers the goods in TV or not TV. This shows is an extremely funny take on the phenomenon of the box. He creates a wonderful connection with the audience. Committie is a champion entertainer with lightning fast wit and a perfect exploiter of the impromptu moment. On stage, he is one of the hardest working and most physical of our comedic crop… his content is always fresh too… he can’t be beat! TV or not TV is the perfect antidote for those cold winter nights.”